Who we are

The Academy began accepting its first student-athletes in 2012, with the idea to set up a partnership model combining an elite basketball prep program for non-Italians  with a semi-professional team in Italy

in 2009, Rising Ballers, Ascoli Towers Basketball and the Italian Basket Camp got together and began drafting documentation with the aim of establishing a partnership  for developing  a path way  for potential talent centred around the sport of basketball.

The key motivation to establish the Academy is based around these aspiring players to experience what it is like to live the professional basketball lifestyle in Europe.  Most importantly from there development and  growing performances, give them a pathway to play professional basketball in Europe.

After playing U18 Junior basketball, unless your club has a great programme for transition into Senior basketball, its difficult to get that exposure top play top flight basketball in the UK. This academy is created for that player who has that potential to get to the top flight. 

IPA will offer the tools needed to achieve this.

A important area of need identified by IPA is that of goal-setting and basketball career planning for athletes who have the potential to, and who wish to advance their playing level. IPA aims to assist and guide athletes as they plan their basketball careers .

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